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Malco CB Replacement Cutter Bit Wiss WC5S 5-Blade Hand Crimper Wiss WC5L Crimper Blade 1-5/8 in D Jaw
Mill type cutter bit for HC1 (373.8515) and HC2. Crimps for heating, ventilating and air conditioning. Made from quality steel for better edges with a treated industrial finish to help prevent rust. Cushion grip handles. Use for joining sheet metal pipes of the same size (can be corrugated, round or square) or repairs in the field. Matte black finish and red plastisol grips. Compound action. Throat measures 9-1/4 in L x 1-1/4 in D. Optimal handle span for maximum power and comfortable operating range. Non-slip cushion grips for great comfort and control. For crimping round metal pipe to create a male fitting end. Crimps heavier gauge pipe up to 22 ga galvanized steel. Throat depth is 1-5/8 in.
Wiss WT1 Cable Tie Tensioning Tool SEAMER HAND OFFSET 3 INCH     NOTCHER HAND 30DEG 8-3/4IN
Designed to install both heavy and light duty nylon cable ties for tightening nylon ties when securing flex duct to take-off collars; easy to operate cut-off mechanism that trims excess cable strap, comfortable cushion grip handles and internal stop. 1/4 in depth markings. Optimal handle span for maximum power and comfortable operating range. Non-slip cushion grips for great comfort and control. 3-1/4 in jaw width and 1-1/4 in maximum seam depth. Used to bend and flatten sheet metal. Cuts 30 deg V-shaped cut in sheet metal. Non-slip cushion grips for great comfort and control. Gives clean notch without slipping at corners and take-off tabs. Throat depth of 13/16 in.
SEAMER HAND STRAIGHT 6IN      Redline S9R Hand Seamer Malco HC1 Hole Cutter
The Crescent Wiss? Straight handle hand seamer is a powerful tool for bending or flattening sheet metal by hand. It utilizes an optimal handle span to deliver maximum power from an ergonomic operating range and features non-slip cushion grips for great comfort and control. Malco hand seamers, with die-cast zinc jaws, are gentle on painted or coated metal surfaces. These seamers are ideal for making clean and accurate bends and seams in aluminum roof flashing, coil stock or fascia. Malco's hand seamers, with die-cast zinc jaws, also feature ergonomic Redline handle technology. An Engineered handle opening compliments the natural power stroke of any user's hand and maximizes the powerful 7:1 mechanical advantage of compound-leverage head to handle linkage. Comfortable handle grip contours, a non-slip grip insert, spring handle actuation and a thumb-operated handle latch ensure a natural fit and feel for comfortable one hand operation anywhere on the job. Distinctive gold bits, bearings and pivot pin signify the longest lasting, fastest cutting, easiest adjusting solution for cutting holes in sheet metal. Malco hole cutters quickly install into the chuck of any corded or cordless drill as small as 1/4 in (6.35 mm). Lightweight aluminum frames make these accessories extremely portable for a variety of hole cutting applications in sheet metal including 20 ga (1.02 mm) galvanized steel. A compact model HC1 hole cutter is adjustable for making 2 to 12 in (51 to 305 mm) Dia holes. The larger HC2 model cuts 2 to 20 in (51 to 508 mm) holes. A combination English or metric diameter gauge is included on the adjustable pivot slide for both models and both models use the same mill-type cutter bit and replacement parts. The HC1 and HC2 hole cutters feature Malco's gold standard cutter bits. These cutter bits feature a long lasting, mill type cutting edge and large flat for adjusting the cutting edge location up or down to extend bit life. One cutter bit fits either model and is easily replaceable.